Flor Arena is the sexy swimwear and sportswear brand that combines elegance and sensuality to create swimsuits, bikinis and jumpsuits, tops and sports shorts that enhance and stylise the female figure, combining the iconic high rise of the 80's and 90's with a modern style. A sexy and elegant design for your sportswear and swimwear.

This is how we designed the swimsuits, bikinis, trikinis, tops and thongs that make up the Flor Arena collection, combining elegance, self-confidence and sensuality. The sportswear collection is sexy, comfortable and figure enhancing and is perfect for the gym, training or creating a casual look.

Flor Arena swimwear and sportswear is made in Spain and represents the best side of being a woman. Our swimsuits, bikinis, thongs, tops and shorts... are named after the world's most recognised and inspirational women who serve as references in all aspects of our lives.

Our collection of swimsuits, bikinis, tops, sportswear... not only enhance and slim your beautiful figure, but also accompany you away from the beach, the pool or the gym to create the best look for a party, a day out, a dinner, a boat trip. Combine them with your favourite blouse and shorts, with an elegant jacket, with a skirt or with those trousers that you love so much and were crying out for a top that would do them justice to look elegant and sensual. Feel sexy, elegant and more confident than ever about yourself and your.

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